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I EARN YOU .65 EAV A DAY PER SHARE INVESTED IN ME. ***SHAREHOLDER POLICY (08/26/2011) 1) i do not do reciprocal buys. 2) i'll only buy back if your divs are high enough. 3) i only work in increments of 200 (unless you're a newb). 4) i have over 900 stocks in my portfolio so I cannot actively prune. 5) if you come to my attention and your ROI is below .5%, i'll dump you. 6) if you need advice on EA or any other social network, join a community. 7) don't ask me to tweet anything for you. 8) many existing shareholders will be grandfathered in with the old rules. My Trading Rationale: We are here to network & facilitate each other. In some ways EA is similar to the stock market. What you make per share invested in me is .65 EAV daily. You should check and see what your dividend is daily, some don't pay anything. I expect if my share price falls you'll sell. If it stays the same it will earn more everyday, in the last 16 weeks my value has gone up 75 points, keeps going up .5 to +1 pt. daily. If you get mad at me and sell mine because your price drops for > 1 pt. in 2-3 days or more, don't be surprised. You stay invested & will keep making more. So, it's up to you, don't cut your nose off to spite your face. Be smart. I can only have 1000 people to invest in, EA limits that on all of us, I don't waste your time investing small amounts like =2 points, then only 25 shares a day. Most peoples' price drops really bad shortly after we all start, that is not me doing that, I do not day trade. Would be better if you invested in me, because eventually you will stop rising & I will sell you off. I will start by exceeding what amount of me you buy + 10 shares, & wait for 2-3 days, I know what your max is 200-600. If you do not raise me, I will drop to 5-10 shares below, that is how I mark I offered a raise to you. You can raise anytime, don't wait for me. If I see you go up, I will probably raise. You can lock it by raising too.