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Andrew Ian Dodge ME

Bio: Andrew Ian Dodge is a 40 something former US Senate Candidate, writer and rocker. He married the lovely Kim Dodge (aka the English actress Kim Benson) in 2007 and is busy writing. Andrew writes for Pajamas Media, The Examiner, The Commentator and Daily Caller as well as other outlets. In 2007-8 overcame colon cancer. He has a weekly heavy rock music column for (as Marty Dodge), and has written a piece on the British music business for the Economic Resource Council (its most linked/downloaded on their site). When the mood takes him he writes short stories in his Sage of Wales Cthulhu-mythos series. He was Maine co-ordinator for Tea Party Patriots until Feb. 2011. He advised the national group on matters of both policy and press. Andrew is now running for the US Senate for Maine in 2012. Dodgeblogium, his blog ( has been described thusly: ...bloggers who combine a taste for heavy metal music with a taste for heavy metal politics... 
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