FAQ: Vees and Eaves

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Q. Will you give out Vees to everyone on Empire Avenue?

Vees will be distributed through Missions on Empire Avenue. We’ve already put up a Promoted Mission for Vees please go do it to get your first batch of Vees!


Q. What is the difference between Eaves and Vees?

Eaves are our internal currency used in the Social Market game. We generate Eaves for you to play with, people investing in you on the Social Market gives you Eaves. Doing Eaves Missions will earn you Eaves as well. Vees are rewards points that companies and individuals can obtain from Empire Avenue to reward people through Missions for discovering content and people.


Q. Will you allow us to convert Eaves to Vees?



Q. Will you allow us to convert Vees to Eaves?

Absolutely. We haven’t finalized an exchange rate. It will likely be a floating exchange rate based on the Social Market economy. We’ll announce this when ready.


Q. What’s next for the Vees Marketplace?

At present we primarily do Amazon and Starbucks gift cards in the USA and Canada.


Q. Can I convert Vees to US Dollars?

Absolutely not :)