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Driving social success for Influencers and Businesses
Whether you are a small or large business, an exceptional Influencer or just starting out in Social Media, Empire Avenue can help your social media engagement. Try it all for Free and when your ready, unlock even more benefits as a Premium or Enterprise account!

Some Quick Stats and Case Studies

  • Hundreds of thousands of users love Empire Avenue.
  • Empire Avenue reaches over 30 million people on Twitter and Facebook (1st and 2nd degree connections).
  • Just 400 Influencers on Empire Avenue can give you a combined reach of over 10 million followers on Twitter.
  • Our users are engaged! They spend over 18 minutes a day on Empire Avenue (compares with 20 minutes a day on Facebook).

The Benefits of using Empire Avenue

  • Missions: Increase traffic and reach on social media across 10 different networks by creating Missions to your brand and content which can be spread by our influencers, engagers and mavens to 30M+ people. Reward your Influencers with Reward Points (Vees) and / or Virtual Currency (Eaves).
  • Profile: Network Scores can be used to evaluate and measure the success of your Social Media engagement. Rewards given through Missions can be scaled to target those with high scores in specific social networks providing a better ROI!
  • Social Stocks: By investing in influencers and brands on the Social Stocks game you expand your reach across 10 social networks. Building wealth through Social Stocks is one way to use the Missions promotional platform.
  • Rewards: Reward your current fans and prospective influencers with our Reward Points and Virtual Currency as they discover and connect with you through Missions.

How Effective is Empire Avenue?

  • Incredible Community Building: Spending time and money on Empire Avenue, can increase your Twitter following over 20 times higher in the same time period, running the same campaigns than a non-Empire Avenue user.
  • Fast, Speed of Light Online Reach: Using Empire Avenue Missions, the median user on Empire Avenue, reached a total audience of 4.7 Million through twitter retweets, over an average of 13 Missions. Similar results have been observed for all other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Growing a social audience: Use Empire Avenue over a long period and you'll see continued results in audience growth. The chart below compares the median percentage audience increases in Twitter for accounts who are active on Empire Avenue with those who have accounts on Empire Avenue but do not use Missions, Social Stocks or Community.

What Types of Missions Can I Run?

  • Drive our users to your app, website, blog, social media page.
  • Ask our users to interact and be part of your community.
  • Ask our users to follow you on social media sites if they like your content/brand.
  • Ask our users to spread your content to their audience on social media if they like your content and/or brand.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • The core of Empire Avenue is always FREE.
    Premium Accounts and in-app upgrades provide additional tools and resources depending on your needs.
  • Buying Reward Points (Vees) allows:

    Increased rates of Mission completion: More people complete your Missions in a shorter time frame.
    Deeper Mission Analytics.
    Enterprise level packages are available: Contact Us!

    Standard Account


    Premium Account


    Extra targeting, analytics, promotion

    People's Market

    Shop Only Sell Your Own Products/Services

    Social Stocks

    Extra tools, automation and upgrades


    Larger rewards, promotion


    Statistics / Analytics

    Basic Advanced

    Profile Network Scores

    Access these and many other features for free

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