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Bio: We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us." I am the last of the Baby Boomers! Or at least that is what they have been telling me all my life. Myself I have never felt like the last of anything but more like the first. Those like me born in America in the early sixties have been bombarded with so much from every angle. However no matter what we were exposed to be it the nightly body count on the six o’clock news to the murky black and white images of Neil Armstrong’s first steppes we where just observers. As we grew older we got more and more input into the shaping of our world but the final dissections were still made by the “grown ups” They held the torch. Well here we are at another crossroads in history. A new generation has receive the torch of leadership. The moment is now for us to take what we have gleaned over our life and to use it. To remember the mistakes, and right them. To recall the great ones struck down far too young and strive towards fulfilling their greatness. Not to redefine but to rediscover. For any of those who doubt we are up to this task don’t. We are ready for it. Ready to lead, ready to create visions that will not only sustain us in the present, but will also lay the foundation for those who will follow us.