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Larsson Daniel Stockholm

Bio: Stockholm, Sweden, owner Like this page and I will invest as much as possible in you! List social profiles About me I started my Internet career in the spring of 1993 at that time the only place you could browse to was CERN and with the text browse Lynx. I started the first municipal website in Sweden ie Kalmar. Anyway I was employed as a webconsultant in 1st of march 1995 and we started one of the first ISP:s in Sweden at that time. We invented the Swedish word "webhotel" meaining an ISP. For some years we hosted some of the biggest companies in Sweden among them ICA, SE-banken, AMS, Telia, I quit and started as a webmaster at at start-up company named iD2 and this company was named one of the 50-hottest IT-companies in Europe according to Times Magazine and specialised in Public Key Infrastructure. The Finnish telecom company Sonera bought it for a large sum. Anyway since then I have worked with different online projects and start-up companies in different nich├ęs like beaty, telecom, wine, gold and finance. I also have my own company Expandtalk. I am also interested in sports and have a blackbelt in judo.