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Janis La Couvée Victoria, BC

Bio: Financial services professional, maven, catalyst, vision caster, capacity builder, arts patron, writer and blogger, francophone, wife, mother, grandmother, friend. Read investment policy below: I'm all about community and look forward to building one here. Let's connect! Empire Avenue Shareholder’s Report July 12 2015 --this idea is from (e)TRIPLETSFAN Since coming back from a five-month absence last July 12th I have: • grown my share price from 475 to 1108 ( a 112% increase) • taken my dividend (which at that time was at .5, although when active normally in the .6-.8 range) to over 1.1 • increased my portfolio from 2000 to 2845 investments • increased my net wealth from 2 B to 4 B. • cracked the global 100 and sit at #99 I am an active Empire Avenue player (here daily) and look forward to bringing you as much value as possible. Currently I am maxed in all players: • with a share price over 425 • with a dividend over .8 • who hold more than 2800 shares in me Thanks to everyone who makes this game FUN! Here’s to another great year ahead. I earn almost $8M daily in dividends and invest them daily too. Let's connect. Currently April 2015 I am in the top 100 in share price world-wide for individual stocks. My dividends earned are about $6M and I invest them daily in my portfolio. Be sure to check for missions too. I pay out a dividend that is between .85 and .90 (the highest it's been in a LONG time) and apologize in advance that it isn't higher. What I lack in dividend I make up for in shareholder loyalty. I strive to at least match shareholders and am maxed in as many as possible (given the criteria below). Currently December 2014 I am #11 in share price in Canada--and closing in on the top 100 world-wide. My dividend paid to investors varies between .65 and .85 (sorry for that but I don't have the time for more social media). I value shareholder loyalty! Thank you. If you own shares in me and your stock price is not plummeting, I own shares in you. I try to match my shareholders as dividends allow. AND: I am currently actively investing in: people with a share price higher than mine people with dividends higher than mine people with a 30 day return (not %) that is higher than mine. (for this one, preference is given to people who are active on Empire Avenue) I have recently been gifted an EAv leaders package by Kevin Green (e)MYSODOTCOM and have a current max of 3800 (plus dessert and bonus dessert) I continue to scour EAv for awesome investments. I have almost 6M daily dividends and I invest them all daily, except when I am saving for upgrades. Thanks for all your support on Empire Avenue - it's been fun! November 2014 3.4M in dividends daily (before EAv Leaders package) November 2013 2.4M in dividends daily. May 2013 - 1.2M in dividends daily.